Rado Pitonak Software Developer

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Rado Pitonak and I am co-founder of Zaitra - space company focused on Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation. Before I decided to start a company I worked as a software engineer at Red Hat. I earned my undergraduate degree at Brno University of Technology with my bachelor thesis on topic - Deep learning for object detection. I am technology and open-source enthusiast with experience mainly in Python programming language.


I love using an contributing into the open-source. I was Google summer of code student under the Fedora project in 2018 and mentor for the same program in 2019.


Python is the language I speak. I have 2+ years experience of working on various python projects, from which most of them are open-source.


Every application should run inside of the container. I have experience of deploying and maintaining production applications in OpenShift/Kubernetes cluster.